Vila Clothes

It all began in 1994 where VILA became part of the family owned Danish fashion house. VILA quickly grew and found its look, feel and core: Designing accessible fashion for young women with a personal style. Feminity, sensuality and simplicity are the three keywords of this Danish brand.

La Petite Etoile Paris

Audacious and inexpensive, La petite étoile has the vision to provide access to classy yet affordable clothing to urban working-class women. La petite étoile is a feminine brand at heart and we want to give our customers the opportunity to express that side of their personalities through the fashion choice they make. Our mission is to create feminine fashion with focus on quality, design and details.


We are a commercial creative house of contemporary fashion. Founded in 1999, we have developed the knowledge and organization to deliver high quality but affordable fashion to our fans throughout the world. Our collections are creative, brave and feminine and our handmade print designs deliver the personal touch that make our products unique. Itchy is the perfect balance between being delicate and graceful. We operate in more than 20 countries and are represented in more than 1.500 shops around the world.

Selected Open Sunday

SELECTED is a unisex brand Nordic by heart. SELECTED is creating a fashion rooted in the leading trends while positioning itself as a strong and authentic brand clearly focused on quality. SELECTED is providing the fashion-conscious individuals of today, different as they may be, a contemporary style infused with edge for an international touch.

Grace & Mila Paris

The GRACE & MILA’s collections are inspired by the iconic Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. GRACE&MILA is mixing the elegance of the past with the essence of our present. They blend classics with high fashion trends to create sophisticated items that characterize this brand. The brand has seduced Paris and its suburban cities and is now establishing on the international scene.


PIECES is a Danish brand that offers a complete range of accessories for fashion-conscious urban women: jewellery, scarves, belts, shoes, tops and jeans. PIECES is now offering trendy, glamourous, feminine accessories and handbags easy to fit your style.

School Rag Open Sunday

In addition to distinctive skill and expertise, SCHOOLRAG has become a major player in international denim styling and producing. SCHOOLRAG is creating its collections from Italian fabrics to guarantee the best quality for its items. Jeans with a range of trendy shapes: boyfriend, skinny, straight etc. The fashion-conscious will be delighted by this brand!

Fila Open Sunday

The FILA brand name has over a 100 year of legacy with their roots dating back to 1911 and the fabric mile of Biella in the northern part of Italy. FILA is now one of the top 10 Sportswear brands in the world. FILA is now offering a wild range of Women and Men’s sportswear clothing, shoes, accessories and laid-back street wear.

Ouvertdimanche-lyon is a website that is listing the shops open on Sundays. Both our Stores BUTIK and REPLAY are opened from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7.30pm and on Sundays from 10am to 6pm.